The world's heritage Jiuzhaigou

Jiuzhaigou, the natural heritage of China which is increasingly popular, is one of the most beautiful lakeside in the world.

Huanglong National Park

Huanglong is state-level scenic spot area landscape. The accumulation of large amounts of calcareous crystalized and forms ponds like a beautiful landscape of terraced rice fields.

This natural park in Huanglong Valley is spread about 600 square meters. It is a China's leading wetland plateau with colorful pond and lush forests spread 7.5km in length and width of 300m. In groundwater of this area, because they contain large amounts of calcareous, attached to the soil as crystals of milky white, increase the thickness by capturing fallen leaves. Water flows from melting snow peaks surrounding here in spring. and it becomes this significant shape like if it were to be terraced rice fields.

Five-Flower ponds

Located directly behind the Huanglong Temple, at the highest peak of the valley, these ponds are the best known in the park and reflect a distinctive variety of colours.

Multi-colored pond in Huanglong Valley

Information of Huanglong National Park

: Tel
: Access
Use taxi. Costs about 300(CNY) for round trip from the airport.

May.1st - Nov.15th

: Open
7:40 - 18:00
: Admission

Nov.16th - Apr.30th

: Open
9:30 - 15:30
: Admission


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