The world's heritage Jiuzhaigou

Jiuzhaigou, the natural heritage of China which is increasingly popular, is one of the most beautiful lakeside in the world.

Sichuan Food

It's famous for spicy. But once you tasted it, you can't stop eating. Variety of foods are invented here and one of the favorite is called Mapo doufu.

The Sichuanese are proud of their cuisine, known as one of the Four Great Traditions of Chinese cuisine. The cuisine here is of "one dish, one shape, hundreds of dishes, hundreds of tastes", as the saying goes, to describe its acclaimed diversity. The most prominent traits of Sichuanese cuisine are described by four words: spicy, hot, fresh and fragrant.

Mabo Dofu

is one of the most famous Chinese Food in all. Do not miss this deep boiled spicy Mabo Dofu.

Mapo Tofu

Hot pot in Mala style

The other one you may come up with is Hot pot in Mala style. In a pod, there is a wall separates soup into two. One is colored white and the other is red. Surely the red one is so spicy, and even the white one is still very hot.

  • Hot pot in Mala style
    Hot pot in Mala style
  • Spicy Dumplings
    Spicy Dumplings
  • Spicy Beef noodles
    Spicy Beef noodles

Tibetan Food

In Sichuan you can also enjoy Tibetan food too. Tibetan Spicy Lamb is popular. It's cooked with Cumin and red pepper.

  • Tibetan Spicy Lamb
    Tibetan Spicy Lamb
  • Tibetan Bread
    Tibetan Bread
  • Tibetan Spicy Bacon
    Tibetan Spicy Bacon

Not spicy ones

If you are bad at eating something spicy, there are still choices which is not spicy. Sichuan is real cuisine province.

  • Chicken
  • Mountain herbs
    Mountain herbs
  • Wonton
  • Double cooked pork
    Double cooked pork
  • Steamed bread
    Steamed bread
  • Dumplings

Dan Dan Mian and Eating out

Dan Dan Mian is well known noodle too. At the bottom of the bowl, there is spicy source. You can enjoy some food stands as well.

  • Dan Dan Mian
    Dan Dan Mian
  • Chicken skewers
    Chicken skewers
  • Spring roll
    Spring roll