The world's heritage Jiuzhaigou

Jiuzhaigou, the natural heritage of China which is increasingly popular, is one of the most beautiful lakeside in the world.

Day1 ~ Apr. 7th, 2012

It was the day to leave for China. I left my home for Markcity, then bought a ticket of limousine-bus bound for Narita at a reception of Excel-hotel. Because we still had match time, we got out the hotel, found a junk food stand and finished a quick meal.

Once we arrived at Narita airport terminal no.1, we hung around there and went through the embarkation procedures. At the gate for Chengdu, most people were Chinese and we found few Japanese. The airplane was tiny like a bus, and there were not even consoles per person. Though some displays shared with 6 people were dangled from the ceiling. They only offered one movie, 'Real Steel', on the plane.

Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport

On the board, you would be passed the two sheets of passport control and immigration. You give both passes to immigration officer and passport control will be returned. You must keep it for when you return home.

When we got out from the ariport building, there were hundreds of taxis and many are touting for business. We found the right place for taxi and cought one for the hotel we booked. The cab driver checked the address and a map, but he didn't look he knew where to go. Suddenly after that, a skinhead guy interrupted us, and told the driver the address in fluent Chinese. And he said, "Be careful, they tend to try ripping off from foreigners.". He gave us a lot of advices then.

* We had never known who this guy was at this point. But we met him later on.

The taxi driver run a car at the speed of 130 km/h or more. It was pretty dangerous. Arriving at the hotel, we noticed that it was exactly the place we pointed on the map. I still have no idea why the hell the driver showed the uncertainty on his face, when he saw the map.
The receptionist was able to speek English. I asked her to point on the map where she thinks the hotel located. Surprisingly, she pointed at somewhere wrong. I though, "Oh my gosh, Chinese people seem not to know how to read map".

Chengdu for Star Hotel - Xiaojiahe Store