The world's heritage Jiuzhaigou

Jiuzhaigou, the natural heritage of China which is increasingly popular, is one of the most beautiful lakeside in the world.

Jiuzhaigou Valley and its surroundings

Jiuzhaigou valley is One of the most beautiful landscape region located in Northan part of Sichuan province in China. And also there are many nearby sightseeing places in the neighbourhood.

The Jiuzhai Valley national park is made up of three valleys, Rizegou, Zezhawagou and Shuzhenggou. In all, it's over 720 square km. The meaning of Jiuzhaigou is "The valley of nine Tibetan villages".

Jiuzhaigou Valley Natural Heritage Entrance

Since it's huge, tourists will go by bus basically.
Right after the entrance, you'll get through Shuzhenggou part. And then, there is a fork at the point of Nuorilang reception center.

If you go west, the road leads you to Rizegou Valley, and east to the Zezhawagou Valley. Take the bus bound for Primeval Forest, if you want to go to Rizegou, and the one to Long lake is for Zezhawagou.

  • The entrance of Jiuzhaigou national park
    The entrance of Jiuzhaigou national park
  • Shuttle bus
    Shuttle bus

Sample plan

  1. Once you buy a ticket for both entrance and bus, beyond the gate, ride the green bus aimed at the Primeval Forest.
  2. Get off the bus at Arrow Bamboo lake.
  3. Walk down to Nuorilang reception center. You should sometimes take a bus to save time.
  4. Take another bus to Long lake called Chang Hai.
  5. Walk to Five-color-pond. Take a bus to Nuorilang reception center again.
  6. Head back to the gate on foot, so that you can see the scenery.

  • Rizegou Valley
    Rizegou Valley This area has the most lakes worth seeing. Five-Flower Lake is one of the most beautiful lake all over the world.
  • Zezhawagou Valley
    Zezhawagou Valley You can see rainbow colored lake here.
  • Shuzhenggou Valley
    Shuzhenggou Valley The first region you see in the park.

Information of Jiuzhai Valley National Park

: Tel
: Access
Use taxi

Apr.1st - Nov.15th

: Open
7:00 - 18:30
: Entrance
by 16:00
: Admission
220(CNY) for One day ticket
: Green bus
90(CNY) whole day

Nov.16th - Mar.31th

: Open
8:00 - 17:30
: Entrance
by 16:00
: Admission
80(CNY) for two days ticket
: Green bus
80(CNY) whole day

Surrounding area of Jiuzhaigou

There are some other places you can see around here in Jiuzhaigou area. If you stay here for few days, ask cab driver to take you to some tribes or attractive places. Zhong Cha Gou is one of the place you'll enjoy. And there is also a place called Jia Fan Gucheng, the old castle of Jia-Fan.

  • Zhong cha gou
    Zhong cha gou One of Tibetan village. You can ride a horse for about 2 hours.
  • Jia Fan Gucheng
    Jia Fan Gucheng It's a replicated town of Qiang-people village